Now is the time for the 2019 Spring Scholarship award...

As mental health professionals, in the year of 2019, we are all walking in the footsteps of others who had set out on this journey years ago. Our world (and our work) is drastically different from when Freud paved the way for psychotherapy in the 1880’s. The last 140ish years have brought deeper insight and understanding to the plight of being human. There are many different schools of thought regarding what is most effective and what inspires the deepest change.

Our mental health theories and perspectives inspire us to look deeper...

To apply for the IMHCA 2019 Spring scholarship, please submit an essay that meets the following requirements:

  •  Please use the following prompts to formulate your response:  If you could have dinner with a mental health theorist (living or deceased), who would you meet with? What types of issues or current events would you want to discuss? Are there any current quandaries that you would like their insight and perspective on? Is there a particular element of their theory that you want to emulate and bring into your own work?
  • Feel free to reference the ACA code of ethics as you reflect on these questions.
  • 750-1000 words in Times New Roman, size 12 (roughly 2 pages)
  • Submit your essay by midnight on April 12th, 2019 to  The scholarship winner will be announced April 26th, 2019.

2019 scholarship recipients will be announced to IMHCA members, listed on our website, and featured in our annual newsletter. Please read below for the scholarship rules and guidelines and keep scrolling to read a little about the Fall 2018 winner and runner up. 

IMHCA Scholarship Rules

  • Currently enrolled as an active master’s level counseling student, in an Idaho counseling school.  If you are attending an online program, you’ll be asked to provide proof of Idaho residency.
  • If your scholarship is selected, you may be asked for permission to print your essay in the yearly IMHCA newsletter. Your eligibility for the scholarship will not be impacted if you decline to have your submission printed.
  • Scholarships are rated on the following criteria of essay questions, with a top score being 4 points for each category:
A)   Demonstrates thorough understanding of topic or theme- followed essay prompts
B)     Analyzes and interprets information effectively
C)     Meaning and intent are clear and engaging- demonstrates sense of purpose
D)     Grammar and mechanical errors
E)     Communicates ideas with clarity and insightful opinions
F)      Subjective/Flair- flair/pizzazz, if the essay spoke to the reader on an individual basis, or (optional) use of ACA ethics
  • Any essays submitted after the deadline will be considered late and ineligible for the scholarship.
  • Past scholarship recipients are ineligible to be awarded the cash prize. Thank you for your participation.

Essays will have identifying information blocked so the IMHCA selection committee will not know who submitted an essay or what school/program they are enrolled in until after the scholarship winner is selected.      

Fall 2018 Scholarship Recipient!

On top of the pains of the world, graduate school is full of ups and downs. We at IMHCA remember those days and hope that our scholarship could provide a bit of breathing room. This is why for the 2018/2019 school year we are offering two, $500 cash scholarships. Please scroll further to read about both our Fall 2018 recipient.

The importance of informed consent... For Fall 2018.

The essay prompts for the Fall 2018 scholarship opportunity were: How did informed consent become an ethical standard for mental health professionals? In your opinion,which parts of informed consent are most important for a healthy therapeutic relationship? What do you imagine is the intention of informed consent? How does informed consent support both the counselor and the client?

The essay that was chosen as the recipient of the scholarship was submitted by Rebekah M. Hood from Idaho State University. She plans on graduating in May of 2020. We would also like to recognize Maxwell Dusky from Idaho State University as an Honorable Mention. He will be graduating May of 2019. Thank you, Rebekah and Maxwell.

Rebekah M. Hood- First Place

Idaho State University, Department of Counseling; Clinical Mental Health Counseling

May of 2020

"I am particularly interested in research about populations who are differently abled. I am drawn to Adlerian and feminist theory, and I want to explore how feminist theories can be more inclusive of voices of disability, as well as how this empowerment can be reflected in the counseling relationship".

Maxwell Dusky- Honorable Mention

Idaho State University masters of clinical mental health counseling

May of 2019

"I am interested in advocating for marginalized individuals. I’m especially interested in the intersections of gender identity, disability status, race, and socio-economic status and how these factors influence access to mental health services.".

We had several applicants this year from every counseling program offered in Idaho.

We would like to thank all of those who applied- your thoughtful submissions were heartening and inspiring.

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